The CANA Fiancés mission was launched at the same time as CANA’s other missions on September 27, 2021, at Saint Jean Baptiste De la Salle College in Ouagadougou.

The 1st CANA week-end for couples on November 14 and 15, 2020 was opened to fiancés. So eight engaged couples were able to reflect on the chosen theme “Gratitude”.

For this pastoral year 2020-2021, three days have been scheduled for the CANA Fiancés programme. The first one was under the theme: “To know & love each other better”. 44 engaged couples and 3 singles attended. The day took place on January 17, 2021, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. This massive participation was made possible by the information relayed by the brothers and sisters on social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook and radio communication).

At the beginning of the day and to open the theme, the participants introduced themselves, and each of the fiancés shared “what they particularly like about each other.”

The teaching given by Calixte and Adeline revolved around three main points:

Calixte et Adeline KABORE, CANA Fiancés

To enrich this teaching, Adolphe and Amandine COMPAORE, leaders of the CANA mission in Burkina Faso, gave their testimony about their participation in a CANA Fiancés week in 2002 and the fruits they received.

Sharing groups were then formed and participants were able to share around the following theme: “What are the points of the teaching that I remember and would like to share? What are the questions that this teaching raises in me?” Several participants chose “communication” as a way to get to know each other better in order to love each other better.

The fiancés then met as a couple to share two questions on the theme:

The Eucharist was celebrated by Father Jean Claude KOFFI and co-celebrated by Father Henri ZONGO. Father Jean Claude has focused his homily on three words: “fulfilled”, “to give of oneself” and “to listen.” He urged the fiancés to listen to the Lord’s call and to give of themselves to make each other happy.

This first CANA Fiancés day took place at the Saint Ignace Community House in Ouagadougou, under the responsibility of Noélie & Bernard ZOUGOURI.

After a busy day, the joy could be seen on all the faces and appointment was given for the 14 March 2021 for the 2nd CANA Fiancés day.

Calixte and Adéline KABORE CANA Fiancés BURKINA FASO