Following the CANA week in summer 23, the CANA Retreat took place in Egypt from the 8th to the15th of April. The Community in Egypt decided to bring together CANA and the youth mission (14/22 year olds) in the same place, so 137 people came together at King Mariut, a Jesuit retreat house that is very suitable in terms of its size, peaceful setting and quality of service.

The choice was made to offer a 4-day retreat for time and money issues, lack of availability and complicated transport. It was a very dense programme! The couples met in 5 fraternities and the teachings were given mainly by local couples.

The children were able to take part in the programme prepared for them, and those serving in teams were given a few topos to help them with their training. The 16 couples participating were very active during the retreat, and the fraternity moments were much appreciated. The morning rereadings were rich!

Some couples who came with teenagers had the opportunity to experience a time of reconciliation together, which was a great highlight of the 4 days. Prayer requests and blessings crowned the day and gave strength to everyone, enabling couples to make a personal decision to move forward together.

Of course, the celebrations did not stop there, and Mgr Claudio Lurati, the Latin bishop of Egypt, agreed to preside over the last Eucharist despite a very busy personal programme. He was hosting a delegation of French archbishops!

A wonderful time of unity: For the first time in Egypt, the Chemin Neuf Community and Communion were fully mobilised both for CANA and for the Young People. A significant step for the mission and the Community. The joy of serving together!

This 4-day Fraternal Life Retreat was made possible thanks to everyone’s commitment and involvement in the fraternal sharing. Time pressure remains an issue, however, and requires vigilance to ensure that everyone can take the necessary steps. The 5 days of the initial proposal remain a safe bet.

So we’re continuing to listen to the needs of young couples, seeking to renew the model while retaining the substance so as to reach all those who are ready to take care of their married life!

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