In 2024, compromises were necessary to reconcile the celebration of Valentine’s Day with the beginning of Lent. Special evenings for couples were planned at the CANA House (Pothières) as well as in Lebanon. Let’s take a closer look at these two Valentine’s Day events.

On February 13 – one day before the start of Lent – we organized at the Chemin Neuf’s CANA House in “Les Pothières,” a Valentine’s Day evening “differently,” meaning an intimate evening with a special program.

The room was decorated in every detail, with 20 tables for two people, set up like in a “real restaurant.” From 8 p.m., we welcomed couples with a brazier indicating the entrance followed by the aperitif.

Then, men were invited to prepare a bouquet of flowers for their wives, and wives could write a sentence that touches them to share with their husbands.

Everything then unfolded like in a fine restaurant, with the priests of the house serving wine, and the consecrated sisters serving the meal… A discreet and generous service for a magnificent couple’s time.

During the evening, we had the joy of hearing the testimony of a couple who explained the importance of taking care of their relationship, followed by various sharing proposals with their partners (for example: “two qualities I appreciate in you,” “our last laughter,” “a project for this year,” etc.). In the end, couples were invited to schedule a new date for two right away! Because taking care of one’s relationship is an everyday affair!

The evening ended, of course, with a romantic dance, and everyone was deeply moved to have lived this beautiful experience. Couples were able to transition from ‘head to head’ to ‘heart to heart’! They didn’t choose the menu, but they let themselves be carried in trust. Thanks to them as well.

Conclusion: experiencing a Valentine’s Day “differently” is possible and feels good!

And we do not forget all the people close to the parish or the Community who helped us prepare the meal, decoration, presentation… Fraternal life is beautiful!

Alejandro & Teresa  

Dear Brothers,

We are delighted to share with you a summary of the recent weekend organized by the CANA Lebanon mission for Valentine’s Day, titled “Palette of Love.” Fifty couples gathered on February 10-11, 2024, to celebrate true and deep love.

Upon their arrival on Saturday, the couples were welcomed with relaxation games, followed by a teaching on the five senses and their importance in married life. Moments of sharing enriched our exchanges, and the evening came alive with a candlelit dinner accompanied by dances and songs.

Sunday began with a time of praise and prayer, followed by a couple’s reflection on the five senses. A talk-show, led by the CANA fraternity leaders, allowed us to openly discuss questions about intimate life and the challenges encountered in our relationships.

We also had a presentation from the Chemin Neuf community, including the CANA missions, to learn more about the upcoming CANA week this summer. The closing Mass was an opportunity to strengthen our bonds with the divine, leaving us imbued with His grace and blessing. Finally, the debriefing with all participants demonstrated the great success of this weekend. Many couples expressed interest in the upcoming CANA week. We left this place not only connected to each other but also in communion with Heaven, where our true source of love resides.

May this experience continue to nourish our hearts and relationships in the days to come.

Elie & Saïdé