In Guyana, couples from the CANA fraternity participated in the Bible Retreat on the Gospel of Luke in February, an enriching and instructive experience for all. Led by Vincent, a married man, deacon, from Marseille, the retreat allowed couples to deepen their understanding of the Gospel and strengthen their connection with God through reading, teaching, and prayer.

The Bible Retreat with the Gospel of Luke was a beautiful week, a discovery for many, a learning experience, and the beginning of an adventure: the Word of God speaks!

The retreat was preceded by a weekend training session with the CANA core team and the leaders of local CANA fraternities; it was intense. The aim was to impart skills, a communal way of animating, discerning. It was also an opportunity to share fraternal moments strolling through the beautiful village of Sinnamary, which welcomed us!

And so, Vincent specifically came from Marseille to teach us. What joy it was to taste his passion for the treasures of the Bible! It was as much a discovery of the Gospel of Luke as it was of the exhortations that touched our hearts!

Every morning, the couples discovered and appreciated the exercise of continuous reading of the Word of God. Teachings, biblical culture (sometimes in the form of games), time for Office, prayers and praise, couple and fraternity sharing “nourished” the brothers and sisters. The celebration of Ash Wednesday and the time for reconciliation allowed for a deep entry into Lent.

And as we know how to do at CANA, amidst careful and splendid decorations, the celebration was magnificent: we laughed a lot! In particular, each fraternity had to mime a biblical scene discussed during the week, adapting it to the 21st century and with humor. The findings were fantastic!

« Following the silent retreat of 2023, the biblical retreat strengthened what the Lord had called me to work on then. The exceptional nature of the teachings given by Vincent on the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Luke, his concrete sense of pedagogy, deeply touched the former Jehovah’s Witness that I was for 30 years. The teachings of the CANA fraternity, this retreat, opened my eyes to another way of reading and interpreting the scriptures »


« The methodology of Bible reading that Vincent proposed during this retreat allowed me to approach the Holy Scriptures with a new, more contextual and precise approach. Nothing was written by chance. Not surprisingly, but with immense joy, the CANA fraternity and its teachings from the Bible are, as always, a daily and abundant source of happiness and balance for the couple. Hence the absolute necessity for fraternity members to attend the retreats offered. »


« This retreat week was particularly enriching for us. Having already done the Bible retreat two years ago, this one allowed us to see where we were in our journey with GOD, individually but also as a couple. We rediscovered the Gospel of St. Luke with a different perspective because we finally understood the power of the love that God has for us, despite our sins. Through the texts chosen during this retreat, Luke highlights that the Lord is our Savior and that His love is merciful. The good thief, the prodigal son, and the sinful woman are truly the three people we recognized in ourselves, through their experiences but also through the perfect love that God had for them. Regardless of the gravity or nature of our sins, He is ready to forgive us and lift us up. Whether we are rich or poor, He saves us and forgives us if we ask and if we believe in His love with faith. Now, we know that God wants us to move forward without fear despite the depth of difficulties, despite our apprehensions through His Word. Today, the Bible guides us through its Scriptures; it is our shield and our source of life. »

Wendy & Robert D