CANA International

Like every year in September, the CANA International team met at the CANA House in Pothières (F) for a day of review and of thinking ahead to the coming year. We all rejoiced in the wonders we have experienced in the past few months and in the success of the CANA International Meeting in Rome. Read “To marvel“.

The program of this day included time of personal prayer, sharing and reflection, listening together to the Spirit to feel how the Lord leads us at the beginning of the year 2022-2023. Without forgetting fraternal moments and a good meal!

As the team is renewing itself, it was also the occasion to thank those who are leaving us (Florine GOUBY and Bernard LOUBIER) and to welcome those who are arriving (Lisa van Beers, Natalie & Markus WEIS, former CANA leaders from Germany). Read “CANA Communication: the younger generation“.

At the beginning of the year 2022-2023, we feel called to keep on the course that the Lord gives us with St. Paul to take care of the couples at CANA:

It is God who made us, he created us in Christ Jesus, in order to do good works which he prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10.

We can pray for all the couples who are committing themselves this year to the CANA Fraternity and that we can hear what the Lord wants for the CANA mission throughout the world.

Gilles & Véronique CORMIER


CANA Bienvenue (the title of CANA Welcome in Quebec) was just launched on September 24th in Montreal.


A small beginning and a big step: this is the first time the CANA Fraternity is launched in this country. After the beautiful CANA Week, eight couples met and committed themselves to the Fraternity on September 24.


New in Germany! Luise & Tino KESSELMANN have taken over the responsibility for CANA in Germany and are accompanied by Nikola & Stefan LANGBEIN with Father Christiophe BLIN. After the CANA week in Volkenroda (Thuringia), 3 fraternities were formed in Bonn and two fraternities will meet online. 24 couples have joined the KANA-Welcome course which is under the responsibility of Claudia & Knut SCHUBERT/GÜNTZEL. Soon (October 15-16), the first CANA weekend of the year will be held at the monastery of Lankwitz (Berlin, The program of the year is available on

Luise & Tino, new leaders, with Natalie & Markus (former leaders)


The final preparations for the next CANA Week are underway. It will be held in Tamil language near Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu located in the southeast of the continent. Gilles CORMIER will join them from September 27 to October 5 to prepare this week which has been expected for the last 3 years and to relaunch the CANA mission which has been well affected by the pandemic.


September 8th, Castledown. Launch of the CANA year and meeting of the new CANA Ireland team. 9 couples have committed themselves to the CANA Fraternity for the coming year. Audrey JOLICOEUR came back with news full of hope for the future, like the will to start the CANA Welcome program and to develop the CANA mission in the country.


The first day of the year organized by the new team focused on the different points of commitment in the CANA Fraternity and on good fraternal times. 25 couples committed themselves for the year. Those who participated in the CANA Spiritual Retreat last July spoke about it with such enthusiasm that 10 couples have already signed up for the next CANA Spiritual Retreat planned for this winter.