Prishtina and Charley, a young couple from Martinique, experienced a profound transformation thanks to their increasing involvement within the community. Their participation in events such as the CANA Week and the CANA Retreat for couples provided them with a source of renewal and strength, thus strengthening their relationship and faith. This experience guided them through the challenges of daily life with confidence and love. Here is their testimony.

Prishtina and Charley, both 34 years old, are a young couple from Martinique, parents to a four-year-old daughter, who have been actively engaged in the Chemin Neuf Community since 2022. In recent years, they had somewhat drifted away from the presence of the Lord, preoccupied by their daily routines exacerbated by a pandemic. However, a serendipitous encounter during an outing in March 2022 led them back to their faith, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

During an unplanned visit to Domaine du Fort, at the invitation of Charley, who wanted to show an earlier project, they were warmly welcomed by Charles and enthusiastically invited to the upcoming CANA Week. Despite being unfamiliar with the Community and CANA, they immediately accepted, drawn by the joy and warmth they encountered. The welcoming atmosphere, the beauty of the surroundings, and the spirit of love and peace permeating the place left a profound impact on them, prompting them to embrace this new journey wholeheartedly.

Following a marriage proposal, they continued their journey with renewed strength, aware that while their challenges hadn’t vanished, they were better equipped to face them. They found solace in the support of their community, recognizing that they were no longer alone in their struggles.

Since 2022, every significant moment for the couple has become an opportunity for them to grow closer to each other and to God, with the Lord at the center of their lives. Their journey led them to participate in the silent couples’ retreat, a decision made without hesitation, despite initial apprehensions about the concept of silence, particularly for a couple’s retreat. They trusted that the offerings at Domaine would allow them to deepen their connection with the Lord.

This retreat, coinciding with the festive and lively Carnival season on the island, proved to be an extraordinary experience. They felt the presence of the Lord beside them, realizing that they had often neglected to truly listen to Him. They highly recommend the retreat, emphasizing the profound impact it had on their personal and marital lives.

They urge others to take a leap of faith, assuring that the Lord will exceed all expectations and fill them with His grace. They emphasize that a couples’ retreat, even in silence, is an opportunity for communication and spiritual growth beyond imagination.

This time served as a rejuvenation for them, strengthening both themselves and their relationship, enabling them to face the challenges of daily life with renewed vigor. They now prioritize moments of heartfelt connection with the Lord.

Sending their love from Martinique, they leave with a message of trust for all.