In Mauritius, the CANA mission is doing well, despite the impact of Covid and the economic situation. The Healing within the Couple week comes at an opportune time. The team is motivated and innovative.

Gilles & Véronique CORMIER
CANA international, CNC

We went to Mauritius to run the second Healing within the Couple week, the first having taken place in 2018. With Sandrine, the CNC leader in the country, we felt that it could be important to offer it to some couples who have been affected by the 2 years of the pandemic and to propose a training. Father Gilles accompanied us.

Healing within the Couple Week

The place chosen for this week was beautiful and favourable for this kind of delicate retreat: the seminary just next to the Tabor House of the Community. 11 couples were able to participate, which was not easy given the active circulation of the Covid virus. Some of them had to be replaced because they were contaminated at the last minute. The brothers and sisters of the Community came to join us in service for the retreat. The objective was threefold: to make this retreat possible for couples who might need it, to be able to form a team of spiritual companions, and to consider the future.

Throughout the week, the presence of a professional priest on this issue was essential and much appreciated. We were able to continue to train the brothers and sisters on the spot, for using the “Unbound” method. It was not so easy to go through with it as all the servants (except the two of us!) caught Covid during the week…, fortunately not seriously.

The CANA mission in Mauritius

We had time to meet the national team. The CANA mission is doing well and everyone is very motivated to relaunch it after two years of severe restrictions.

Mauritius is the only country where, apart from France, all the following programmes are offered: CANA Couples, CANA Hope, CANA Welcome, CANA Parents, CANA Fiancés. The Mauritians have even tested a CANA 1-2-3! formula for the CANA Hope and CANA Fiancés courses. With success!

We have noticed that couples are suffering from the economic situation, which has an impact on their participation in the CANA proposals. On the other hand, many couples are in pain and ask for help.

Some feel the need to innovate (new form of communication, format of the proposals…). They had great joy in living CANA Parents among themselves and are preparing to deploy it more widely next year.

In conclusion, it was a beautiful mission which filled us with joy and hope. As in other countries, the brothers and sisters of CANA need to be supported after the pandemic.