Laetitia and Loïc give their testimony a couple participating in a CANA Welcome programme in France.

A participating couple

We decided to be part of CANA Welcome this year following the invitation of a couple of friends who are organizers and involved in the Chemin Neuf community. We had already experienced a couple’s journey when we were young parents and tasted the benefits of a sharing group with others.

10 years later, with a family of 4 children and a busy professional and social life, we realise that we leave little room for our couple. It is however the cement of our life and our happiness. The CANA Welcome programme has allowed us this year to sit down once a month, as a couple with our sharing group, to discuss fundamental subjects on our differences, our desires, our needs, our functioning as a couple, the way we make our decisions.

The topos prepared in turn by one of the couples, the exchanges between us nourish us and often trigger further discussions and (positive!) movements within our couple. More fundamentally, CANA Welcome is reminding us how precious it is to take care of our relationship, to take quality time together. We have therefore set up regular times for meeting each other, exchanging and relaxing together, just the two of us!