Just before the storm, the CANA spiritual retreat begins near Moscow! Beyond the stupefaction, all choose to stand up in prayer.

Gilles & Véronique CORMIER
CANA international

As planned for a long time, we flew to Moscow where a CANA spiritual retreat was taking place. The outbreak of war after the day of reconciliation upset everyone. After two years of covid, 10 motivated couples were able to participate. Many of them came with their own difficulties, suffering or simply to draw from the source in a difficult context. The team of companions was very keen to continue to train in this beautiful mission of active listening. Some children were taken in charge by a small team full of enthusiasm and ideas.

But when on the 4th day, the Russian army entered Ukraine, it was a shock for all and the retreat took a serious turn. Faced with this situation we decided to pray for peace and for those who needed it, like the couple of servants who could not meet their son trapped by the events in the south of the country.

So we all got together to finish this retreat focused on the Holy Spirit. This is how 7 people asked for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit! And despite the situation, we were able to have a beautiful, simple and joyful celebration that did everyone good! Then a quality time between servants allowed us to go further in the fellowship between us. We will need it for the next few months…

Our return, Gilles and Véronique, proved to be complicated as we were stuck for 3 days because of flight cancellations. Fortunately, some brothers were able to put us up in their home in Moscow. We were able to feel how much Russian couples suffer from this situation of war that the vast majority disapprove of.

May prayer unite us beyond our borders.