Long preparations

The story began with Father MACARIO, Colombian, the last Carthusian to reside in the Carthusian monastery of Saragossa, that as been entrusted to the Chemin Neuf Community in 2012. Thanks to him, many contacts were made in his country. Young people and couples have regularly come to discover the Community in Brazil, in Spain in Saragossa and in France (Discipleship School, CANA Week,…). In September 2019, a first CANA weekend was organized in Colombia with the participation of F. Christophe BLIN and Bernadette FOURNIER. Then the pandemic stopped everything! But in November 2021, at the request of the diocesan priest Ricardo PIETRO, a second CANA weekend was organized with the help of Mario and Lourdes SEBASTIAN-MAGALLON.

The first CANA Week

It took place in a beautiful place in the Andes Mountains, in Fusagasuga, 100 km south of Bogota, in the congregation of St. Vincent de Paul. The 11 couples present had a beautiful experience of dialogue, forgiveness, prayer and celebration. All of them were able to discover the strength of the CANA pedagogy. 7 young people from all over the country were mobilized to put themselves at the service of the 21 children, many of whom were babies.

The animation team came from Spain because, in addition to the language, the house of the Chemin Neuf Community in Zaragoza has already been welcoming Colombians for several years and get to know them well.

The future

This small beginning is full of promise, so great is the thirst to know better and to deepen the CANA pedagogy!

The launching of the CANA Fraternity is planned and is taking take place this September with 8 couples forming 2 fraternities in Bogota! The cities of Medellin and Caqueta being very far, the couples there will devote themselves to leading CANA Welcome. The accompaniment of this small beginning will be done with the help of the brothers and sisters of La Cartuja, Zaragossa, Spain, to assure distance training and to join them for specific weekend(s).

We note that the Charismatic Renewal, present in Colombia, attracts many young couples who, as in Brazil, have a missionary desire, sometimes manifested by concrete life choices. These couples are looking for community life, which does not exist in Colombia.

Small photo report

Gilles & Véronique CORMIER