The Coutellier family shares their experience in Cameroon, where they led a training session for fraternity leaders. This gathering brought together couples from the Western and Southern districts, with a particular focus on listening. The positive results give hope for the future of these fraternities.

Once again, we had the joy of meeting our CANA brothers and sisters in Cameroon for the fraternity leaders’ training session!

The meeting took place in Douala at the spiritual center of the Jesuits in Bonamoussadi, a beautiful place that is accustomed to hosting the CANA Fraternity!

While most couples came from the vicinity of Douala, some traveled from the Western and Southern districts. A journey that lasted a whole night or a day to join us – traveling the roads is no small feat! We were touched by their dedication and motivation for a weekend.

This weekend was very intense. The overall theme chosen was “listening.” Listening to God, to one’s spouse, to fellow fraternity members… We alternated between exercises, games, teachings, work, not forgetting prayer time and time as couples – we truly felt at home with CANA! We still wonder how it was possible to do so much in such a short time.

Some highlighted moments from the review:

We took time to work in the spirit of “CANA Refresh.” What do the couples around us need? How can we open up? Initiatives have already emerged to try to reach young couples as close to their interests as possible and also invite them to care for their couples. For example, an informal WhatsApp group named “Enjoy our marriage” has been formed. Couples gather during significant events or for celebrations, taking advantage of an occasion and inviting neighbors or friends to participate. Anyone can join! It’s an opportunity to testify… Young couples in Cameroon, like elsewhere probably, are drawn to these festive, joyous moments – it’s a great way to build bonds in a good atmosphere! The CANA Welcome course is also very lively and bearing fruit. There are currently four ongoing in Douala.

We also reminded ourselves that “the Lord builds the house,” and our role is not to exhaust ourselves in “doing” but to draw from the source, praying, listening to the Holy Spirit, and simply offering others to come and draw and taste the good wine of CANA.

Anne Marie & Bruno COUTELLIER