Over the last three months, more than 60 CANA meetings have brought together thousands of couples around the world. Here is a gallery of photos, videos and commentaries that make up a beautiful international fresco to the glory of the Lord: California, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Burkina Faso…


CANA Week was better than Disneyland!

Judah, 8 years old

CANA week was an incredible blend of having time and space to encounter God with my spouse while enjoying the food, fellowship, and fun of spending a week with other wonderful families. We were deeply impressed by the invitational nature of the week, the diversity of the families that participated, and the commitment to facilitating an encounter with God rather than relying on principles and programs.

Debbie & Dale GISH, CANA USA Leaders, California

This summer, the CANA Week was wonderful, as always! We were a small flock of 70 people, including 32 children! We had nine attending couples.  Eight of the nine attending couples are continuing in sharing groups this year, which speaks to the impact the week had on their marriages. 
Eight other couples and four young adults were at their service. The time devoted to the servant program (Mary and Martha) was meaningful and robust, with couples having at least 2 hours a day together as well as a sharing group.  All the servants felt the week was very lifegiving. One of the serving couples has decided to do Cycle A with the Community in Zaragoza and is now living there for three months with their two kids. That’s very exciting ! 


This is the second time the CANA Retreat has been offered in this country. The retreat centre is at the base of Kilimanjaro, in a magnificent setting run by the Sisters of the Holy Spirit, who made us very welcome. Participants discovered how to pray with the Word and pray as a couple.


This was the 2nd CANA retreat after a 4-year absence in this country, which is going through a very difficult economic situation. The retreat took place 100km from Hararé at the home of the Sisters of the Precious Blood of Jesus, in an ideal, very peaceful location. 7 couples took part in this retreat (average age 30 to 35).


It was the biggest CANA Week ever organised in Hungary with around 400 people, including 57 participating couples, their children and the servants. We received many graces, with between 80 and 100 people asking to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. It was also the first time we had the opportunity to hold a Protestant service, thanks to a visit from a minister and his wife from the Reformed Church. We give thanks for this opportunity to be more in unity with the many couples from other Christian denominations. Glory be to God!

Burkina Faso: CANA Fraternal Life

This is the first time that the “CANA Fraternal Life” retreat week has been given to such a large group: 74 couples! It’s astonishing: the Lord’s teaching always meets the expectations of couples who set out to meet him.

Discover 148 people face to face, meeting and rejoicing together under the Lord’s watchful eye, praying and rejoicing!