In preparation for this year’s Valentine’s Day, CANA is offering activities and hosting special evenings. Feel free to contact the CANA representatives in your country to learn more.

This year, February 14th marks not only Valentine’s Day but also Ash Wednesday. Remember to discuss and plan a date that suits both of you.

As is the case every year, some countries where CANA is present organize Valentine’s Day events. To learn more about the different Valentine’s Day offerings in your country, click on this link, select your country from the list, visit the website, and/or contact the CANA Leaders of your country.

On a broader note, CANA also suggests two couple activities to do during your dinner or at any other time. Below, you’ll find a PDF explaining the two activities: a question basket and the creation of a jar of sweet words. The first page of this document guides you through the process that you can adapt to your relationship and situation. Then, on the second page, you’ll find the questions necessary for the question basket.

Take this opportunity to celebrate love and strengthen your bonds.