Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, Copts, Evangelicals, Maronites, Orthodox… the couples at CANA come from all walks of Christianity. Let’s listen to the testimony of mixed couples, actors of unity.

Testimony of Katia

Katia KALETA is Russian Orthodox, married to a Polish Catholic – they have just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. She shares with us how both traditions support and enrich the “Yes” they have given each other.

The video is subtitled in different languages and is available on the website “directs” and the Youtube channel of the Chemin Neuf Community.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The week of prayer for Christian unity that has just taken place in the northern hemisphere (18-25 January 2022) has enabled us to discover, thanks to the ecumenical team of the Chemin Neuf Community and Net for God, the treasures of several large families of Churches: the Oriental Churches, Orthodox Churches, Catholic Churches, Churches of the Reformation, Evangelical Churches, and finally Pentecostal Churches

The Chemin Neuf Community team states:

“What is the history of each church family? Where are these churches present today? How are they structured? What are their treasures? Who are the outstanding figures in this tradition?”

You can discover the testimonies of actors of Unity: mixed couples, theologians, men and women serving other churches, missionaries of reconciliation. All from different churches and countries.

More than ever, in these difficult times, we need a light that shines in the darkness and that, for Christians around the world, has been manifested in Jesus Christ.

Let it shine on each of your lives.

All these short videos (a few minutes) are subtitled in different languages and are available on the “direct” site and the Community’s Youtube channel.