In this article, Evita & Raimond share their experience after living the fraternal week with CANA Latvia.

Hello Evita and Raimond, this week you have been participating in a Fraternal week with CANA. Could you elaborate on that experience?

Raimond : It has been an incredibly enriching week, packed with numerous experiences. It feels like we’ve lived through a whole month’s worth of events in just one week. The most profound experience I’d like to share is about a sense of closure. My brother passed away in a car accident 20 years ago when we were both young. I realized I never had the chance to express my feelings to him or convey how much I missed him. So, I wrote him a letter. It felt like I was having a conversation with Jesus. I sought forgiveness for my shortcomings, for unintentionally hurting others, and expressed deep love for my brother. This week felt like a personal encounter with Jesus.

It sounds like a significant journey. Could you reflect on your previous experiences with CANA and how this week impacted you?

Evita : Absolutely. This is our third time participating in activities at CANA. Our first encounter felt like stepping into a new phase of our relationship, akin to a honeymoon. Every time we return to this community, it reignites that feeling. This time, however, it wasn’t just about strengthening our bond as a couple. We delved deeper into the concept of fraternal life, understanding our fellow brothers and sisters better. I received a new insight: my husband and I are essentially a small fraternity ourselves, with Jesus at the core. This week felt like engaging in a trialogue.

It’s fascinating how this experience has impacted you. How do you plan to integrate these learnings into your daily life as a couple?

Raimond : This experience has been profoundly transformative for us, and we recognize its significance in our everyday lives. We aim to carry these lessons forward and apply them in our interactions, knowing they will enrich our relationship and spiritual journey.

Thank you for sharing your insights. Blessings to you both.

For the video of Evita & Raimond, click here!