More than 3400 km away, 90 couples from Canada, Martinique and Guadeloupe are living their Valentine’s Day evening in the same time! Thanks to an online animation, their romantic evening takes place together and as a duo at home… Amazing!

Together and as a duo!

North and Central America: Canada-Martinique-Guadeloupe

This year it was the 3rd version of the amazing CANA Valentine’s Day Otherwise online. Once again, we opted for an international formula where couples from countries in the same time zone or close to it could connect and join each other to experience a romantic evening at home, hosted remotely by a CANA team on Zoom. The first year we had a slight time difference but this year everything was well planned…

Valentine’s Day Otherwise Online is basically based on the same basic model as Valentine’s Day Otherwise CANA, which was held before the pandemic in one place. Last year we chose the theme of “5 Love Languages” and this year we focused on the theme of “Complementary Differences”.

Our team has produced some humorous videos to illustrate these differences:

The leaders from Martinique gave us a strong and very transparent testimony on the passages of their couple that were lived in faith. Guadeloupe adapted its Bethlehem-Nazareth weekend to live this evening with us and the couples present experienced all the stages: the animation, the couples’ time, the testimony and the dance time.

Fortunately, the feedback received was again very positive. It must be said that couples living in the cold of Canada are less shy about going online for a couple’s night out, while couples on the islands are not so keen on the idea of an online night out after the pandemic wave. Instead, they want to have face-to-face parties.

There were nevertheless about 90 couples present…

See you next year for a new version with CANA of Valentine’s Day Otherwise…

Mélanie & Viktor KOO