Over the next three months, more than 60 CANA Weeks will bring together thousands of couples and families around the world! This is the heart of CANA, giving each couple a unique and unforgettable experience. Here’s where it’s happening and how they’re talking about it!

The above icon (Maison CANA, Les Pothières) was written by Kasper & Rita POIKANS

CANA, a great work of God

The CANA Week is at the heart of the CANA proposals and has been taking place in almost 50 countries for over 40 years.  For some, it’s a meaningful week of relaxation for their couple and their family; for others, it’s a spiritual retreat. In many countries, CANA teams organise a special programme for children (games, entertainment, Bible study, etc.).

Rediscovering the joy, the fun, the meaning of life as a couple, and as a family, of commitment – this is the experience that so many couples have during their CANA Week. This 6-day week is the heart of CANA. Some couples come to strengthen their sacrament of marriage or deepen their commitment, others to rediscover dialogue within their couple, and still others to give thanks for their married life and to share their hopes for their future journey.

Over the next three months, more than 60 CANA Weeks for couples and families will take place around the world. All the teams in these countries are mobilised to enable other couples to share this unique experience that has had such an impact on them. Their motivation runs deep! Marek & Helena SLEZAKOVI, the couple responsible for CANA in the Czech Republic, put it this way: “We experience that CANA is a great work of God that God blesses and that we become an integral part of this work of God through our YES”.

With Debbie, CANA in California: “May God bless each CANA Week this summer throughout the globe”.

Participants speak out

“CANA has taught us to take more time for our marriage, to improve the dialogue between us and thus to put our plans into practice together. CANA allows us to pursue the graces of marriage with Christ and to discern his presence in our couple on a daily basis!”

Harold & Marguerite (Belgium)

“With CANA and its tools, we give thanks to God, and we are very thirsty to go further. We pray that other couples in Senegal, and throughout the world, will be able to experience CANA and its tools for the greater glory of God.”

Wilfried KOUNDE (Senegal)

“CANA has really opened our eyes to the fact that, in addition to our duties as parents, we mustn’t forget that we are first and foremost a couple! CANA helped us to reflect on ourselves as a couple. And if a day hasn’t gone very well, not to go to bed in silence, but to talk. And to say a little prayer beforehand.”

Justine & Jan (Togo/Germany)

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Find your CANA Week

Here are some dates for the next CANA Weeks:

You can find the dates and details of the CANA Week in your country on our website.

What are others doing?

Guadeloupe is celebrating its 10th anniversary of CANA. To mark the occasion, CANA Guadeloupe is inviting all couples who have taken part in CANA Week over the last ten years to join them in celebrating this anniversary. They have created a collector’s poster and invitation cards!

In Senegal, members of the CANA team use video to promote the various weekends. And they have done the same for this CANA Week. They are improving and inspiring their brothers and sisters in other countries more and more. This summer, they’re expecting 15 couples, and really hoping for 20 thanks to the video and flyers on social media.