After the months of July and August, during which many CANA meetings took place around the world, fortunately most of them live, the 2021-2022 season is already well underway!

Une nouvelle organisation

The extended team of CANA international met on Wednesday 8 September at the CANA house in Les Pothières (Anse, France). A full day meeting, essential to launch this year 2021-2022. A new organisation and a revised follow-up of the countries are gradually being put in place after the departure of Father Christophe BLIN. It was a good time of exchange and questioning necessary to accompany the development of the CANA mission in the world.

Cette année 2021-2022

This year, in view of the World Meeting of Families (Rome, June 2022) which will conclude the Year of the Family Amoris Laetitia, the focus will be on the Pope’s Apostolic Letter “The Joy of Love”. Each month, we will continue to publish an article to promote a better understanding of this text which is a great encouragement for our mission to couples and families.

And to contribute to its pastoral application, we would like to see this translated into concrete action in many countries through the deployment in different languages of:

Une rentrée à travers le monde

In many countries, the CANA Fraternity’s meeting to launch the program for the year is taking place in September. Here are some examples.

In Latvia, 25 couples have just committed themselves for the year, including 7 couples following the CANA week this summer and 3 couples following “1,2,3…CANA”! Two CANA Welcome programs were launched, one in a Catholic parish and the other in a Lutheran parish.

In Lithuania, the launch day was amazing, Joné and Gintaras share: “We started with a visit to the house where Sister Faustina lived near Vilnius. On that day, 38 couples joined the Fraternity for the year and we will have 5 fraternities in Vilnius and 3 in Kaunas. We are very happy that the Archbishop of Vilnius Gintaras Linas GRUŠAS has given his consent for Fr Algirdas to accompany the CANA mission in Lithuania.”

In Italy, CANA is present in the North and in the South in Sicily, with a great geographical distance between these two areas. In order to avoid long journeys, the CANA launching day is done at regional level. Thus, in Northern Italy, it took place on Sunday 12 September in Asti. We had the pleasure to join them and to meet the new national leaders – Massimo & Sylvia MIGLIO – who are taking over from Aldo & Elena RABELLINO, our predecessors as leaders of CANA International. In Sicily the launching day has also just taken place.

In the Czech Republic, the launching of the new season took place on 19 and 20 September.

This 2021-2022 Season is shaping up to be one with so many good things to come:

May the Lord fill us with the full knowledge of his will,

in all wisdom and understanding. Col 1:9