CANA, the mission of the Chemin Neuf Community, is spread over five continents in some fifty countries, including 32 where the Community is present. To keep abreast of recent developments and the Community’s projects, a new bilingual tool is at our disposal: Point COM. You can receive Point.COM by writing to Communication Chemin Neuf:

Point COM and CANA

Point COM is the community’s new monthly newsletter. It’s a great bilingual space to discover our shared inspirations.

“As the name of this monthly newsletter suggests, we want it to be a regular link with the Chemin Neuf Community, but also an open communication on ecclesial news that we want to share with you”.

Among the many articles this month, we’ve picked out three in particular that relate to CANA’s mission to help couples and families.

2023 the Jubilee Year

In mid-October, FOI magazine published a special issue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the community founded in 1973, with testimonials from couples and CANA.

Beatification of an entire family

On 10 September, a mass was held in Poland to celebrate the beatification of the entire ULMA family, who protected Jews during the Second World War. Paulina and Lucyna were able to take part in the ceremony and have made a video testimonial.  

Ephata Voyage

You’ll also discover Ephata Voyage, where you can explore a wide range of travel opportunities on several continents that always have a spiritual dimension in link with the Community.

Of particular note is the original proposal to spend Christmas 2023 in Israel as a family.