How can we present the Christian vision of sexuality developed in the theology of the body of Saint John Paul II?

How can we express the intimacy of married life, with modesty and truth, without obscuring the most difficult questions?

This documentary film by Sabrina and Steven GUNNELL aims to answer both these questions. Divided into two episodes of around an hour and ten minutes, it is available on the YouTube channel.

This beautiful film features testimonials from young and older couples, who delicately and without voyeurism express the joys and difficulties of their sexuality. This documentary touches on a wide range of sexual themes, and particularly highlights the Lord’s action in the life of every Christian couple.  

CANA is mentioned several times in the film, which helps to raise awareness of this mission of the Chemin Neuf Community. In France, we have had a number of couples sign up following the broadcast of this film.

We recommend that you watch this film, which gives thanks for the beauty of human love in the sight of God.

(These episodes are not yet translated into english but you can use the automatic translation on youtube)

Link episode 1

Link episode 2