Around the candles of the Advent wreath, here is a beautiful prayer to share as a couple or a family, to enlighten people from all over the world.


To lift the dark cloak of darkness           

that sometimes covers the world and even the hearts of men, Lord,

and which prevents us from seeing you,       

I will prepare 4 candles. 

I will place them in the 4 corners of the earth to light up everything:             

North, South, East and West,      

Above, below, to the left and to the right.  

So the inhabitants of the earth will be able to see you and welcome you.   

The first candle will be the LIGHT OF MY SMILE

offered to all, every day, as a gift,

because you, Lord, come for the joy of all.

The second candle will be the LIGHT OF MY PRAYER

turned towards you, each day, as a glance,

for you, Lord, you speak to each one in the secret of the heart.

The third candle will be the LIGHT OF MY FORGIVENESS

granted to all, every day, like an outstretched hand

for you, Lord, wash away all the offenses of men.

The fourth candle will be the LIGHT OF MY SWEETNESS

distributed to all, every day, like good bread,

for you, Lord, give your love to everyone.

To show you Lord,

how I am waiting for you, I will prepare my four candles,

I will light them one by one during the 4 weeks of Advent.

When Christmas comes to our homes and hearts

they will shine in the night.

This will be my CROWN OF LIGHT

prepared for you, Lord, the Prince of Peace.

Charles Singer

Prayer proclaimed progressively each Sunday of Advent 2022 at Notre Dame des Vignes, a parish in South Burgundy, France