In mid-April, near Beirut, the Chemin Neuf community house hosted a CANA Retreat. In this country so shaken up, this small flock of 75 people (including servants and children) let themselves be led by the Holy Spirit. What a joy for Denis and Claudine, who came to accompany them.

Denis & Claudine POINAS

Christ in me

Near Beirut, we were welcomed in the community house of Chanaiir to accompany the CANA Retreat which took place from 12 to 16 April 2023. A nice little flock of 75 people, including children and servants!

Highly motivated couples

Well prepared beforehand with many exchanges, each person had his or her own programme for the teachings as well as for the accompaniments, the indications for personal prayer and prayer as a couple. This meticulous preparation really helped to make this retreat a success. Moreover, the leaders had succeeded in mobilising 12 couples out of the 16 in the CANA Fraternity.

All the couples, although tired when they arrived, quickly entered into the retreat, no doubt thanks to the quality of the prayer times (personal and couple) which were remarkably well introduced. There were 9 of us for the individual accompaniments. It was obvious that, from the second day onwards, the couples allowed themselves to be reached by the Word of God.

At the end of the retreat, 17 participants asked for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. What a joy! The strength of the community present really unfolded, giving full scope to the Holy Spirit. The presence of our brother Maher was precious.

The service

The children were looked after on site by a large team. And to feed this small flock of 75 people, the food was simple and of high quality. The liturgies and prayer assemblies were very well supported by musicians from outside the retreat who came to join us every day.

How can I not praise you…

It is certain that this retreat will bear fruit when we see what the Lord has done in each one of us. Among the fioretti shared at the end of the retreat, here is one that is particularly touching:

A man stands up and says, holding back tears: “I have not spoken yet during this retreat… I have a big cross tattooed on my body. This cross was outside of me, now it is inside of me.