This year, CANA Burkina Faso proposed excellent ideas for a Valentine’s evening in a Duo formula. It was a great experience for those who took part. As two young couples can testify: “Valentine’s Day Duo was great! An unforgettable and intimate evening.”

In BURKINA FASO, a dedicated platform

During the month of February 2023, the couples of the CANA Fraternity in Burkina Faso were able to experience, in addition to their 2nd week-end, an original Valentine’s evening. This was the Saint Valentine’s Duo, designed to be experienced at home through beautiful proposals ranging from relaxation to spirituality and tenderness.

A WhatsApp platform was created for the occasion on which the kit was posted in advance to allow each couple to prepare. In addition to the kit, voice messages were posted to better explain the process and answer any questions.

More than 100 couples, whether or not they are on a journey with the CANA Fraternity, took part in this evening which allowed them to spend time together outside the usual festive framework, with a view to loving each other better. The couples were from all the dioceses of the country and some participated from outside the country.

On 14 February at around 8 pm, the starting signal was given and each person was able to enjoy their own evening, depending on their time. This was all it took for romantic experiences to be had, with each spouse having the joy of being a major player in this beautiful evening.

This platform was also the channel to invite everyone to continue to take care of their couple by participating in the activities that CANA organises during the year, such as the CANA Weeks in Ouagadougou and Koudougou which will take place in August 2023.

“We had a good time”

Romaric & Nadége (CANA Ouagadougou)


The Valentine’s Day Duo was great. I really enjoyed it and thank God for the beautiful decorations and gifts. Since the living room was small and not equipped with all the amenities, I was wondering how to make the evening beautiful, and I came up with a few ideas inspired by the Holy Spirit. And then, when I was decorating the living room, Romaric, who had gone to entrust the children, brought two large candles, although he was not aware of the surprise I had prepared. The candles he brought were used to decorate and make the dining table more beautiful…!!! This evening allowed us to discover our hidden talents. Also, the time that I appreciated was the time of prayer during which everyone accepted their frailties. The second time was the games during which we had a lot of fun. We continued our evening with a dance to zouk music which we both enjoyed.

Thanks to CANA for this great initiative.

God bless the fellowship of CANA!


“All is Grace” this day of February 14, 2023 was a new way for us to experience Valentine’s Day.  Both my beloved and I were busy with our professional activities, but each of us made time to prepare the “meeting”. I took charge of printing the documents and cutting out the questionnaires (with a method to liven things up) that we were to use in one of the highlights; for the gift I was helped by my sister-in-law whom I greet in passing. We had agreed to leave the children with my parents for the evening and to pick them up the next morning. This silence, this calm which reigned in our residence allowed us to let go and to really dive into what CANA proposed to live; I was amazed by the talent of a great decorator that Nadège proved to be (she was simple in her decoration but very applied and creative). May the name of the Lord be praised.

The time of the questionnaires allowed us to confide in each other a lot and to make new promises to improve our quality of life.

Thanks to the Chemin Neuf Community through the CANA mission.

“Long live 14 February as a duo”.

An unforgettable moment

Armand & Laurence (Dédougou)

I thank God for the initiative, which at first was not well understood, but in obedience we tried. First, we asked our daughter to serve us the meal: she was very happy and excited because it was the first time she had done it.

The three moments were spent outside the family in a hotel that was pre-booked by my loved one, which created more surprise.

I have to admit that it was good and very well inspired. The relaxation questionnaire made us laugh and at the same time discover more about ourselves. It allowed us to get to know each other better and, above all, to know that we have habits that don’t always please each other.

The moment of tenderness was the moment of gift-giving, which was received with a very touching joy.

The spiritual moment of allowed us to pray and above all to share in each other’s prayers.

It allowed us to retrace our first love encounter, which was different from our first encounter in the context of the charismatic renewal.

In short, Saint Valentin Duo created intimacy, fostered more closeness and led to the communion of bodies. This evening was an unforgettable moment for us on all levels.

In conclusion, the couple’s love is discovered through relaxation, nourished by tenderness (union of hearts) and consolidated by prayer (union with God) before being crowned by the reciprocal gift, i.e., the communion of bodies.