In the heart of London where they are also at home, Vaida and Egidijus lead this CANA Welcome programme in their Lithuanian parish. They rely on the teaching kit provided in… Lithuanian. This kit is also used in many languages by CANA teams in 25 countries around the world.

Faithfully supporting CANA

Vaida and Egidijus have been faithfully supporting the full CANA programme in Lithuania, going back and forth from their home to London to Vilnius for the CANA Week, the winter Retreat and even some of the weekends during the year. 

So when CANA Welcome was proposed for Lithuania, they brought it back with them for the Lithuanian community living in the capital of the United Kingdom. 

This is the first year in which CANA Welcome is offered for Lithuanians in their adopted homeland. There are now 8 couples attending regularly the program in the London Lithuanian St. Casimir’s Catholic Church.

Currently 8 couples regularly follow the course at the London Lithuanian St. Casimir’s Catholic Church. Below is a photo of their meeting around Christmas. 

How do they do it?

In fact, to help couples and family ministry, the CANA mission of the Chemin Neuf community has launched CANA Welcome: a journey for couples wishing to succeed in this adventure that is life as a couple! This programme, which is led by couples, is based on improving communication. It is organised in an autonomous and flexible way in a friendly environment.

Quite simply, Vaida and Egidijus rely on the pedagogical kit translated into their language made available to them with the help of CANA Lithuania and CANA International. 

The CANA Welcome complete kit

Clear and easy-to-use tools are available to launch a programme independently:

In turn, you can launch CANA Welcome wherever you are with the kit available in 11 languages, for example CANA Welcome in Spanish. If the kit is not available in your language, contact CANA International.

Finding help to launch CANA Welcome?

During this year 2022-2023, many couples around the world are meeting in small groups to follow this journey.

Africa: Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Republic of Congo, Senegal, Seychelles

Americas: Brazil, Colombia, Martinique, Canada, USA (Chicago).

Middle East, Asia : Lebanon, Philippines, Taiwan

Europe: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, United Kingdom (in English and Lithuanian).