CANA started in Senegal in July 2021. Ten months later, the CANA mission is eager to move forward and grow as fast as possible. The formation of couples is essential.

CANA International, CNC

First steps in Senegal

The CANA Mission

Since the launch of CANA in Senegal in July 2021, Adolphe and Amandine COMPAORE from Burkina Faso have been following up on this beginning and have been forming the couples, both of them being very happy to devote themselves to this mission outside their borders. Wilfried & Rose KOUNDE, the couple in charge of the country has the passion to evangelise!

Last September, 8 of the 9 couples who had attended the CANA Week with us got involved. They are very motivated and have now been divided into two ‘fraternities’ in Dakar. They had a great year, following the proposals with application: 2 weekends, a Valentine’s evening.

Apart from the two fraternities, there are 3 groups of CANA Welcome of 4 couples each which meet in different parishes. The fraternities are motivated and meet monthly and are following the programme as planned. We hope that the majority of the couples who participate in these groups will be able to experience the CANA Week this year.

The fraternity leaders need to share their questions with other experienced couples and to continue the CANA basic training programme. They are eager to do so.

This is the main reason for this mission which took place from 11 to 15 May.

Formation of the fraternity leaders and the national core team

The national team is composed of 3 couples, 2 of whom are fraternity leaders. The training focused on the following topics:

Work-life balance weekend

This was the third weekend of the year, which shows the motivation of all. This weekend was open to outside couples. Thus 10 couples participated (including 4 from the CANA Welcome courses), coming with 12 young children.

The theme chosen corresponded well to the expectations of the participants, as almost all the couples both work outside the home and are confronted with a difficult economic situation which leads to long hours away from home and great tensions.

Through the teaching times and exercises, the couples were able to review what needs to be addressed in their busy lives and came away with decisions to spend more and better time together and with their children.

The issue of children is important because they tend to disrupt their parents due to the lack of appropriate supervision. It is therefore important to take this into account when preparing for CANA Week in order to get off to a good start in the country. 

For the first time for them, the weekend took place in the famous abbey of Keur Moussa. The liturgy of the monks was beautiful and inspired us enormously. Senegal is really a special place for Christian music. There are many great talents!

The couples who came were thirsty. They are rather young and left very motivated for the future! I was struck by the good level of commitment of the couples ministering. They are still discovering CANA but have understood the spirit and are very keen to share it widely. When we reflected back, despite their tiredness, they were all happy to have been able to give of themselves.

Meeting with the priest responsible for the Marists

The parish priest of the Marists agreed to accompany the small CANA fraternity. He is the link with the local Church, which is very important in this start-up phase so that CANA can take root in the ecclesial landscape.

In conclusion

Overall, I could appreciate a beautiful CANA fraternity willing to move forward and grow as fast as possible. The support will remain important next year. All in all, it is promising!

Some photos:

The place – everything is outside – very relaxing
The monks of Keur Moussa during the mass – very beautiful songs!
The men washing the dishes…
and the children putting on a show
And the group photo, each with a CANA t-shirt!