In the middle of all the proposals CANA has to offer, there is an unknown little gem : CANA Parents. Parents in Mauritius are in the middle of their journey together. Already they are reaping the benefits!

Who is it for?

CANA Parents is a year-long program of 8 evenings and one day to deepen your role as a parent.

How best to educate our children? How to improve our relationships as a family? These are crucial questions all parents ask themselves… CANA Parents is for those eager to make progress in these issues! It is a great joy to see our children grow up but it is sometimes difficult to face the many challenges of their education in a world that changes so quickly.

CANA Parents is for all parents, couples or individuals, with children between 6 and 18 years old. During these 8 meetings per year, the couples will have times of formation, exchange and prayer. Also, a day with the children is organized during the year in order to put into practice what has been discussed.

To be able to share on this subject with other couples, as CANA’s experience has shown for more than 40 years, is a real richness. We can discover that we are all confronted with more or less the same questions and that sharing experiences will help us all progress.

CANA Parents is now available in English

You would like to know more about CANA Parents? Just contact CANA International for more information or contact the CANA leaders in your own country via the contact page on their website


The first CANA Parents programme in a parish started in November 2022 in the Saint Sauveur /Saint Mark parish community in the west of Mauritius.

The course takes place over 8 weeks, once a month in the parish.

We are 12 couples with a core group of animators composed of 5 parents who experienced the course last year.

It is clear that there was a real need for parents to get together and have a place to share the same realities that are experienced in our families, especially the parent/child relationship.

This programme brings together parents from different backgrounds and is really a place where they can exchange on the themes proposed, such as “Love my family”, “Saying, I love you”, “Communicate with my child”, etc.

The course is very interactive and uses the CANA pedagogy to move forward together, with a particular emphasis on prayer and sharing in small groups in a climate of trust and conviviality.

During the reviews of the exercises that are recommended between meetings, parents are sometimes surprised by the expectations of their children, which allows them to question the way they do things or interact in the family.

Also the programme allows for a real dialogue between parents and children without judgement.

The highlight of the course will be the weekend which will be spent with the children in a place away from the house and the worries of everyday life. With steps taken together to strengthen family ties, to stop and share a privileged moment as a family in our fast-paced society.

We really see the action of the Holy Spirit and this desire to become better parents, and why not continue the journey with the programmes that CANA Couples offers.

Below are some photos of the meetings.