Let’s discover the small fraternity of CANA Guyana, their testimonies, their future projects and how they deepen the CANA pedagogy and their Christian roots. On a mission to form the leaders and facilitate the CANA Retreat with a team from Martinique, Gilles CORMIER meets the new bishop of Guyana.

CANA Guyana

CANA Guyana is formed by 21 committed couples, along with one Community couple who welcome those who wish to deepen their relationship as a couple and taste the loving presence of God in their lives. This year, CANA Guyana wants to reach out to couples living in regions far from the coast, where activity has usually been concentrated up to now.

What’s new? A day for couples on April 30, 2023 around the theme “What if we talked about sexuality?”, and the CANA Week from July 10 to 16, 2023.

Marie-Louise recognised herself in the testimonies of those who came to serve. The depth of the teaching arms her against the pitfalls that can come to a couple, such as the lack of communication. She feels welcomed without judgment. Patrick refuses to repeat the mistakes of his previous relationships, he learns to be more balanced in the face of his partner’s reactions and gains a better mutual understanding.

Emmanuel has matured and is anchored in the way of prayer. Christiane was able to address certain themes in depth. Their couple emerged strengthened, in the eyes of a loving God.

Ruth felt welcomed into a brotherhood of love between servants. She really learned about forgiveness, love and the concept of happiness. Jean-Philippe realizes that there is always something to learn for oneself, one’s family and one’s marriage through commitment.

CANA Guyana

G. CORMIER meets Bishop Alain RANSAY

Bishop Alain RANSAY arrived in Guyana a year ago. The day after my arrival I went to meet him with Bruno and Claire-Marie MASSON, members of the Chemin Neuf Community living there. He knows CANA very well, has already had the opportunity to appreciate it in Martinique, and strongly encourages us to work with and for his diocese which is in great need of it.

The leaders deepen CANA’s pedagogy

CANA has been renewed a lot in the last three years, which means that most of the couples and leaders are new, and need to discover and appropriate the fundamentals of CANA’s pedagogy. They benefited from basic teachings updated to the reality of the country. Beginning with times of personal and couple prayer, the participants were led to work on their responsibilities and then to be trained in witnessing. All this was accompanied by practical exercises. The Sunday teaching on “How to be together in mission”, followed by a time of sharing, was a wonderful time of truth, reconciliation and transparency.

A beautiful team picking up beautiful fruits

The retreat took place in a very isolated place recommended by the bishop — Tonegrande — located in the middle of the equatorial forest (and therefore very humid!).

To accompany the twelve couples participating in the CANA Retreat, we had the joy of forming a beautiful team. In addition to the Masson couple, we welcomed Micheline & Maxence BILAS and our celibate sister Marie-Thérèse AUBAUX, who arrived from the Community in Martinique to reinforce the accompanying couples of CANA Guyana who are still in formation. Their contribution has been very precious in the accompaniment and formation of all these couples.

Following our invitation, the bishop was kind enough to come with his vicar general and another priest to participate in the time of reconciliation and to preside at the Mass of Ashes. This support was much appreciated by the Guyanese couples present!

The retreat produced beautiful fruits. In addition to the discovery of Ignatian prayer or the deepening of personal prayer, twelve people asked for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and five people asked for a prayer of liberation.

Strengthening our Christian roots

The CANA fraternity in Guyana is young, very fraternal, supportive and generous. It has a real desire for growth and is determined to form itself and follow the proposals of CANA. The young couples are asking for a renewal and a formation which is necessary and even indispensable for the fraternity to continue to bear beautiful fruits.  Deepening one’s Christian roots and welcoming Ignatian spirituality in depth are the challenges to come.

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us

to continue the mission in Guyana