In October, teams from Uganda (including the 11 dioceses), Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania met to work, share and listen to each other. They were able to take part in a training session led by Gilles CORMIER and Sister Marie BOURBONNAIS.

Gilles and Marie, consecrated sisters and newcomer to the CANA International team, were in Uganda from the 8th to 16th of October. This time allowed them to meet the national team of this great country for CANA, nearly 2000 couples in fraternity! Some of them also travelled across the country to meet the regional leaders in 4 dioceses. In fact, most of the bishops have entrusted their family ministry to the CANA mission, enabling couples in their diocese to take care of their relationship and find this resource locally.

The national teams from Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania met in Namugongo (the place of the martyrs) in Kampala. The eleven Ugandan diocesan teams were also present, and it was an opportunity to listen to the Holy Spirit, share and work together on pedagogy, not forgetting some good fraternal times.

The programme began with a short time of desert to put ourselves in the presence of the Lord, enriched by a teaching on Ignatian spirituality and the fundamental points of CANA’s pedagogy. This was followed by a series of workshops to discuss and re-examine how all this is rooted in different national and cultural realities. Communication with the outside world and internal transmission were among the topics discussed: what do young couples need today? How can we reach out to those who need a break? How can we train the teams who are continuing their training through the service?

The meeting and work session ended with a magnificent international celebration, #Africa.

Finally, Gilles and Marie, together with the CANA leaders from Uganda, had a providential meeting with Monsignor Paul Semogerere, who was very fraternal and welcoming. He is the archbishop of Kampala and coordinator of family ministry for the whole country. He is convinced by CANA and keen to help us: it would be desirable to develop the mission’s presence in more parishes in Kampala to reach couples caught up in the fast pace of daily life and wanting to nourish their spiritual life. The meetings we were able to have with the bishops of Jinja, Gulu and Kasana-Luwero helped us to work well together.

Everyone went home tired from the dense programme, but happy with the links forged between the leaders from the different countries, enriched by the sharing and discoveries. 

A new adventure for these English-speaking teams from East Africa!