The leaders of the CANA Fraternity in Italy inaugurate the year 2023 in Rome, altogether in person! It is the first time in 4 years… Joy and gratitude are present.

Even Italians do not come to Rome every day!

For the first time in 4 years, the leaders of the CANA Fraternity in Italy met for a weekend of face-to-face formation on January 14 and 15, 2023!  

There was much joy and gratitude in this weekend which was placed under the theme of fellowship. We were once again struck by how much this time of pandemic had been a suffering.

It was also the first time that they met in Rome, at the place where the CANA International meeting was held in June 2022. We were fortunate to be welcomed in the guest house (Saint Joseph of Cluny), run by the Chemin Neuf Community. Antonino & Antonella RUSSO, members of the Community and of the CANA team, have just arrived in this place and are at the service of the very young parish entrusted to the Community, which is located very close to the house. Being in a place run by the Community helped us to live this weekend simply and deeply.

The Italian national team gathered on Thursday evening. All the couples having arrived in Rome that evening took the opportunity to enjoy walking in this historical city. Italy is big and Italians do not come to Rome every day! All this contributed to create a bond and allowed us to enter this formation with a “large and generous” heart and welcome what the Lord wanted to tell us… From the North to Sicily, 11 couples out of 13 were present.

A fundamental weekend

Time for two, teachings, sharing of news, personal and couple time, fellowship, personal and communal prayer… a truly fundamental weekend where many, during our traditional review at the end, were able to express how much good it had done them to feel connected to each other, as well as to the greater body of the CANA International Fraternity. A great time of personal prayer on Sunday confirmed them in their personal and couple call to serve Christ in this responsibility.

We can rejoice in what the Lord has given and pray for the mission in Italy.

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The CANA Italy national team with Bruno & Anne-Marie COUTELLIER
Casa S. Giuseppe di Cluny, guesthouse run by
the Chemin Neuf Community