On the way to Easter, what do we choose as a couple? What would be good for us to live these 40 days in the joy of knowing that we are already saved?

As a couple, towards the joy of the resurrection

Our journey towards Easter has just begun and there are many proposals in the parish, on the internet and in our networks… The main thing is to choose what would be good for both of us, together, while respecting the personal journey of each one. What are our priorities? Here is a nice exercise and three free proposals, guided or on your own!

CANA@Home. Already in French, soon in English

CANA France continues to innovate and to encourage couples to experience this time of Lent in a special way. This year, French speakers are invited to connect every Monday from March 6th at 8:45PM, during 5 evenings around the the theme of the 5 senses, at their own pace, from home!

This journey of reflexion and conversation as a couple is not yet available in English! Hopefully, it will be soon available! In the mean time we encourage English speakers to discover the existing video series published here.

Inspired by the rooms in the house and filmed during “stay-at-home” months of the pandemic, this six-part video series invites us to go deeper in our everyday life as a couple. Each video includes a short talk and time for reflection and conversation brought not by experts but by couples who know the joy and struggle of life together.

Around the environment and Laudato Si

You are both very motivated by the future of the planet and that of your children. The international movement Laudato si has a beautiful proposal to live this Lent: a well-filled calendar to download on this website!

Around the Word of God

You like to be independent, you wish to receive the grace to pray together? Choose an evening and organize yourself so as not to be disturbed. Make an appointment for a specific time. Choose the gospel of one of the coming Sundays, and live this time at your own pace.

Decide together on your own liturgy! For example, ask for a specific grace, start with a reading of the text aloud, then take a good time of silence (decide together how long it will last: 5 – 10 minutes?). Then take turns sharing the Word that touches your heart. Welcome the prayer of your spouse as a gift and end with a time of prayer together. The gospels of the Sundays of Lent in the Catholic Church are full of life: The Samaritan Woman (John 4, 5-42), Jesus heals a blind born man (John 9, 1-41)…