Have you already decided together what your resolutions are for 2023? How can you make this year unforgettable? How can you move from “me” to “us”?

Good resolutions: to move from “me” to “us”

It is the time of the year when we think of all that we would like to do in the coming year … along with all that we have not done during the past year! 

In order to find some inspiration, I looked on the internet, and I found a list of 50 good resolutions to choose from, of which the first 10 are listed below. All of them are good, even praiseworthy. Even if some resolutions are strictly personal, most of them have an impact on our life as a couple! Look, do you feel connected?

The last one can be interpreted in the sense of taking care of our inner life, drawing closer to God through interiority, our times of prayer. Like all the resolutions listed, regular prayer — individual or together as a couple — becomes a part of our lives in two ways: personal will and habitus.

All these resolutions are good, even praiseworthy. But even if some of them are strictly personal, most of them have an impact on both members of our couples! 

2023: a memorable year for your couple?

Here are a few ideas to help both of you!  It’s up to you to choose together:

Whatever we choose…

And above all, whatever we choose, whenever we decide together to make a resolution, let us keep in mind the following axiom so that we can encourage each other wholeheartedly:

“One must hold to a resolution because it is good, not because one has made it.” – François de La Rochefoucauld